Custom Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording

If you’re not ready for a one-on-one hypnosis session, then get the next best thing, a personalized, one-on-one professional hypnosis recording from a Certified Hypnotherapist. You will feel like you are having a private session right in the comfort of your own home. It's the closes to having a one-on-one session.


Every person is unique. A custom-made self-hypnosis recording is as unique as you are, and is created specifically for you. The recording will address your specific challenge and use the power of your mind to help improve it.  All you have to do is just relax and listen to the custom-made audio any time it is convenient for you. Just remember not to listen when you are driving or doing a task, which needs your full attention.

Custom Self-Hypnosis Audio Recordings are ideal for. . .


Personal Development:

A personalized, custom Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording can be the way to start your personal development. Improve your confidence, and self-esteem. Build or improve relationships with partners, children, friends, and relatives. Achieve your goals and ambitions. Reduce your stress.  Remove your fears, worries and anxieties. A Custom Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording can be for any challenge you face in your personal life that prevents you from obtaining a fulfilling, happy, and rewarding life.


Sport Achievement:

You can learn to focus your mind, and improve your sports performance for whatever game you play!  A Custom Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording is particularly useful for the type of sports where high levels of concentration and commitment are required, such as: Golf, boxing, tennis, cycling, swimming, gymnastics, baseball, etc.


Become more successful in business.  Learn to communicate and be heard.  Ask for what you want.  Learn how to say no. Manage your time more effectively. Stop procrastinating. Enhance your organizational skills. Reduce stress.  Release fear of rejection. A Custom Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording can be for any challenge you face in your business life, which prevents you from succeeding to the level of business you want to obtain.


Additional Issues:
Release old
habits, and behaviors, which keep you stuck. Release negative experiences. Develop a positive mindset.  A Custom Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording can be for any challenge where old patterns keep you in fear and prevent you from moving forward toward a happy and rewarding life.

Imagine What Kind Of Results You’ll Achieve When You Order Your Custom Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording Today

You will start living a happy, fulfilling, and rewarding life.  When you change your mindset, you will change your life.  A Custom Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording will help you create permanent positive changes in how you act, think and behave.   

Custom Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording


Each Audio Recording consists of the following format: 


Progressive Relaxation: A relaxing technique to release all tension and help you relax you from head to toe.


Induction: An induction will take you from a fully conscious state to a hypnotic state.


Hypnotic Suggestion:  You will be given suggestions created from the information you provided. This powerful technique allows your subconscious mind to accept the suggestion more easily.  Creating permanent change.


Exiting the Hypnotic State: You will be brought out of the hypnotic state, and be given the option to become fully awake or drift into a deep peaceful sleep.


Audio Format: Custom Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording is available in CD or MP3 format.

How To Get Started:


  1. Click the “Buy Now” button to purchase your Custom Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording.  Note: Each Audio should focus on one problem area at a time


  1. When your order is completed you will receive an email, which will contain instructions,  Attached to the email will be a simple custom form to fill out. When filling out the form, you will be asked what issue you want to focus on and "in your own words" provide the details so your Custom Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording  can be created.


  1. Once you have completed the form, send an email to Diana Vento at customaudio@makelifechanges.com . Attach the completed form and the following information:  Your name, street address and phone number(s). Include any questions you might have.


  1. You will receive an email when the Custom Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording has been created.  (Please, allow two or three weeks for production time.) Depending on the format you've chosen, the audio will be shipped, or you’ll receive an email with an URL link to download your MP3.


(worth $100)


30-Minute Phone Consultation


Your bonus will include a 30-minute phone session where you will be interviewed and coached by Diana Vento to help you get the maximum benefit of your final Custom Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording. Diana will ask questions to clarify and gain insight into your situation. Diana will use this information when she writes your Custom Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording script. 

Now you can get

Custom Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording

30-Minute Phone Consultation

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Order the Custom Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording today and if you are not 100% completely satisfied for whatever reason, then just send me an email, and I will give you a full refund.

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