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"A journey is always easier when you have a guide along”. I will be your guide for 8 weeks! I will be there for you every step of the way for advice, tips and probably most important of all – sharing your wins.

You can e-mail me once per week for 8 weeks and I'll be back in touch within 24 hours. Also, you can start at anytime after purchase.  I know how life can get in the way, so when you are ready, just email me to begin.

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The Quick And Easy Way To Achieve  Confidence

You'll Learn Exactly How To Throw Away Your Fears And Achieve Your Dreams & Goals

From the Desk of: Diana Vento
Place: Pennsylvania, USA

Dear Friend


Remember playing the game of imagination?  Remember when you were a child, and wanted to be a special person?  All you had to do was imagine it.  You were the astronaut, the princess, the cowboy, the bride, or the superhero. You were anything you wanted to be, because you had the power of imagination. 


It’s sad that as grown ups, we’ve seem to lose the ability to use our imagination as easy and frequently as we did as children.


For a moment, lets go back to our carefree childhood days and play the imagination game.  Are you ready? You can keep your eyes open or close, or whatever way best allows you to tap into your imagination.


Now, imagine you are talking to someone, and you hear yourself overcome your own negative self talk.


Now  imagine seeing yourself do something that you're afraid of doing, and see yourself overcome your fear of failure.


Now imagine feeling unsure of yourself and you feel yourself overcome your feeling of low self-esteem.


NOW imagine seeing, feeling and hearing yourself  Act with Confidence.

Now Imagine having the most simple, and easy to follow techinques to Building Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem. 

Hi I’m Diana Vento and for years I was in the corporate arena helping people cope with the rapid changes from “downsizing”. I’d discovered the biggest fear people had, was having the ability to perform the new job.  Most often the person’s self-confidence was affected, because the new responsibility wasn’t something they had initiated, and therefore, felt unprepared.


On April 06, I too, was affected by ‘downsizing”.  Instead of going back into the corporate world, I decided to follow my dream by taking my part-time company  Make Life Changes, to full-time.  I am now a full time Hypnotherapist and Confidence Life Coach, and Loving Every Minute I spend with my clients! 

What I love best? I am now helping people, and not just those stuck in the corporate madness.  I know this might sound ‘sappy’, but it’s true - I get so excited when I see my clients self-esteem and self-confidence soar!



What is your experience with low self-confidence?   Do you ever feel like you’ll never be able to do things with ease, like a self-confident person does? Or wishing, if only I had confidence in  my work, my belief in myself, the way I looked, the way I feel about myself, or any hundreds of reasons that lowed your self-confidence?


Well if you have, I can relate.  I think that is why I’ve been very successful with my clients, because I have that connection knowing how it feels to have low self-esteem and low self-confidence.  I know what it feels like to doubt yourself, to be afraid to say no, or take any risk.  In the past, I use to love my comfort zone!  How about you?


I decided to become more confident.  While on my path to building my self-confidence, I noticed that my self-esteem naturally increased too! 

Now you can truly experience Self-Confidence
Learn how to overcome the fear, doubt, and anxiety
 that keeps your self-confidence low ...

You can do just that with this great ebook ....



Creating Instant Self-Confidence. 


Creating Instant Self-Confidence is a 6-week home study course that is designed to get you the self-confidence that you are seeking.

Each of the 6 sessions include a number of exercises and assignments that will teach you all you need to know in order to build your confidence.

With the Creating Instant Self-Confidence course you will now be able to break through those barriers and limited beliefs that you have about yourself, and move forward with your life.

While taking this course you will discover newfound self-confidence. You will be able to lead the life that you always wanted.

Confident people are successful people. They might have the same amount of skills, but what makes them more successful is their confidence level.  

Are you ready to join the group of highly successful people?



    With the Creating Instant Self-Confidence Course you will:

üDiscover your confidence levels in several areas of you life.

üDiscover what your beliefs are about confidence.

üLearn how to emulate a Confidence Role Model.

üLearn how to overcome the negative thoughts in your head.

üLearn how to respond and react from confidence destroyers.

üLearn how to feel confident all the time.

üCreate the confident life that you truly deserve.


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Now you can get
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Creating Instant Self-Confidence

Will give you a practical, real-world confidence building techniques to kick-start your life.

The course content is designed so you can work through at your own pace:

In Session 1:  It's all about self-discovery, unless you know where you are, how will you move to where you want to be? You will discover just how confident you are by taking 2 self discovery assessments.

In Session 2:  You will discover the secret of success by creating a visual image of how you would want to act, walk, talk, think and move your body so that you know what to aspire for.  You will also do an exercise to discover how your inner belief system was developed.

In Session 3:  You will learn how to overcome your own negative thoughts.  These will be broken down into 13 categories:  Assuming, Over-Generalising, ‘Shoulds’, Labelling, Rejecting Compliments, Perfection, Blaming Others, All Or Nothing, Negative Thinking, Believing What You Feel, Personalizing, Comparing With Others, and Can’t Cope With Life.  You will be introduced to a technique, which you can use to control your inner dialogue and to make you realize just how hard and unreasonable you are on yourself. 

In Session 4:  You will learn how to overcome negative comments from others. You will also hear common Feeling statements we say to ourself, for example “I don’t feel confident about the way I look” you'll get the correct  Action so you can overcome that feelng.

In Session 5:  You will learn how to feel confident all of the time. How you feel is linked to: what you are focusing on, the way you are moving and using your body, and the language you are using.  You’ll learn how to change these when you feel low self-confidence.

In Session 6: You will learn how to live a confident life.  You will receive an 8-point reminder that will perform as a quick reference on how to get confidence in any given situation.

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