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Personalized Hypnosis Session By Telephone

Phone Hypnosis sessions have the same benefits as an In Office sessions.  Hypnosis is a fast and an effective way to help you achieve your goal. Phone Hypnosis allows you to go under hypnosis with a trained certified hypnotherapist in the privacy of your own home. With Phone Hypnosis you can overcome your problems, achieve your goals and begin your journey to a rewarding and fulfilling life.


Your Phone Hypnosis Session


Preparing for your session.
Plan your session at a time and in a place where you are not likely to be disturbed.  Find a quiet, comfortable area in your home for your hypnosis session.  To reduce distractions: turn off any electronic equipment such as other phones, pagers, cell phone, television, and radio, etc.  If you are not alone in your household, ask others to refrain from disturbing you until your session is over.  To experience an effective phone hypnosis session, a comfortable headset or speakerphone is recommended though not essential.  Once you have booked your session, additional suggestions will be provided.

The Interview
In your first session, we will discuss your desired attainable goal.  Information is gathered regarding your goal.  We’ll discuss, what has prevented you from reaching your goal, in the past?  How you will know you have reached your goal?   We will explore any information, which could prove necessary to help you achieve your desired goal.


We’ll explore the reason for your goal.  It’s important that you want to do this for you, and not for someone else.  In order to have lasting change with hypnosis, you must want the change.  You cannot be made to change something you don’t want to change.


During our interview, I will explain hypnosis and we'll establish trust, build rapport, and correct any misconceptions you have.


The first session is typically longer then follow-up sessions.  Each session will begin with an interview to discuss your progress and insights.  Reevaluate your current goal, if necessary.


Progressive Relaxation
We will start with a simple relaxation technique.   Sitting in your comfortable place, listening to the sound of my voice as all the tension from your body releases. You will feel completely relaxed from head to toe.  


The Induction
A Hypnotic induction will take you from a fully conscious state to a hypnotic state.  There are various types of hypnotic inductions, and a typical induction last from 10-20 minutes. 


After several sessions, inductions can become more rapid because of your positive expectation and post-hypnotic suggestions. 

I will choose the induction that will best suit you.


Hypnotic Suggestion
Once you are under hypnosis I will begin with the hypnotic suggestion.  Hypnotic suggestion is a script of words to help you make rapid and long lasting change.  The script, in a form of Guided imagery, will help you change old negative beliefs and patterns of behavior into new positive beliefs and patterns of behavior.  

Exiting The Hypnotic State
You will wake from your trance, remembering your session, and feeling wonderfully relax, and refresh.  You’re going to feel great! 

Before we hang up, we will discuss your experience and any insights that were revealed to you.

When the session is over, you will have begun your personal journey toward freedom.



How to arrange a session:

Please call 267 566-9177 to schedule an appointment.


Allow 2 hours for the first session.
Allow 60 minutes for follow up sessions.


The number of sessions will completely depend on what you want to accomplish, your desire, and commitment to your goal. 


"My commitment to you is to help you achieve your desired results, as quickly as possible."Diana Vento


Office Hours:

Daytime:  Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
                 Saturday, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Evening:   Monday through Thursday, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Phone Hypnosis session with Diana Vento, Certified Hypnotherapist










Contact Diana Vento and learn how hypnosis can help you Today!

Phone: 267-566-9177   Email: info@makelifechanges.com

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